13th April 2014

We had a seriously exciting Thursday on the 10th of April shooting the adidas ZX Flux launch in Helsinki – that’s what we get for working with awesome companies like Superson, right?

Adidas ZX Flux Launch Helsinki

A lot of cool stuff was going on at the launch, courtesy of adidas. There was an open bar that served amazing Dark Mojitos (I’m a creative so drinking on the job doesn’t hurt), some really cool food all in the form of some futuristic rolls, the amazing dance group Flow Mo Crew, and last but not least, Sini Sabotage performed live. Obviously they also launched the new ZX Flux, and had a wall with five really cool colourways to show, and we we’re there to shoot the party, and hang out with the celebrities, bloggers and some adidas Skateboarding athletes; definitely not a bad Thursday.

Yesterday was spent at the editing bay, and the video is done and we’re trying to work with our clients to get it out as soon as possible, of course they have to OK it first!

Here’s a sneak peek from our editing bay, taken from Sini Sabotage’s live performance:

Sini Sabotage Adidas ZX Flux Launch

Since I know I’d be interested in the technical stuff behind the shot, here’s my specs:

- Canon 5D Mark III
- Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L
- Rode VideoMic Rycote
- Manfrotto Neotec monopod with fluidhead

A few words about the setup:

We shot everything at 1080p 24fps, and edited the footage on Final Cut Pro X.

Concerning our equipment – I think it was a great setup, I’d never used the 16-35mm before, and it’s always been a lens I’ve wanted to buy, so naturally, getting to use it was very exciting. Everything about the Canon 16-35mm lens was awesome – the only thing I’d change is the focus, to make it a little less sensitive and thus better/easier for video when using manual focus (it is understandably a still lens though). Together with the Canon 5d the lens worked well, and was a perfect setup to use on location at an event held in a small space like Showroom Helsinki.

The still grabs here are all unprocessed/raw footage from the event, and they really speak to how powerful of a camera the Canon 5d mark III is in terms of video, and also about how good everything looks through the 16-35mm lens. When we captured the footage and started working on the full video, we were surprised by the realization that 80% of our shots didn’t need any real colour correction – now this is both thanks to being able to use a really versatile and high-quality setup, and to correct exposure during shooting.

To conclude this little rant: the Canon 5d is a beast of a full-frame camera, and the 16-35mm 2.8 L is a super good wide angle lens.

Sini Sabotage Adidas ZX Flux Launch 2

9th April 2014

We are currently in the process of writing a more detailed account of ‘what we do’, and with this, explaining our viewpoint on why managing and planning your company’s social media, and having fresh and relevant content on it is important.

In the meantime, enjoy some photos taken by our video and photo guys!

Tatu Surfs at Talma
Our friend Tatu surfing the pit at Talma during the Surf Or Dive contest
VH in the net at Talma
Assistant videographer Henri (VH) lost in the nets after his successful surf attempt.
 Tosby talma
 Tosby is Talma's resident freeskier - after this picture he became champion of ice hockey in 'Stadiliiga' in Helsinki with 2+2 stats!


31st March 2014

We had a private session at Lumiparkki with some of the PictureControl Productions crew in early March. A shovel, some salt, and a sunny day snowboarding had everyone excited – here’s what happened:

We’re still in the running for the Snowboarding Finnish Open filming contest at Tahko in a couple weeks, so please do vote for PCP at http://www.sfotahko.fi/risingstar - we would have a solid snowboard and video production crew ready for the challenge, and we’re dying for the chance to participate!

In other news, it’s time to do our taxes, and that kind of sucks, so yeah…

27th March 2015

We’ve grown a lot since our beginning as a video production company in Helsinki, so we’d like to post the first video that we were commissioned to make for Make Up For Ever Academy here in Helsinki. Check it out if you haven’t:

We’d also like to thank Make Up For Ever for being our first client, and allowing us to come and film back stage with them, and show the process it takes for models to be ready for a fashion show.


15th March 2014

Tahko has finally published our full video series that we were commissioned to make for them – exciting!

This is the first video in the series – aimed at showcasing a typical night out at Tahko, from food to drinks and the club!

When we first started out as a video production company in Helsinki, all we wanted to do was to make videos. We love filming and editing video projects, and want to grow as a company from the experience of having different types of clients and different kinds of ideas and work pushed at us.

Over time we developed a strong specialty in producing videos specifically for social media use – now this doesn’t mean that they aren’t shot and edited in high definition, this just means that they are produced on a very short timeline, to maximize their potential in terms of what they can accomplish for our clients in their social media sites.

We’ve been shooting a lot of projects “free hand,” or by our own interpretation and methods, however have also enjoyed working with companies such as Superlouder and Adidas here in Helsinki, whom both have a more specific goal in mind and have producers that like to feed us with as much information as possible about what they expect the end product to be. We like the spontaneity that is afforded to us by most of our clients, but there is nothing like the feeling of having a producer telling us exactly what they want, and knowing that expectations are high.

11th March 2014

 VH with a wallie to one-foot

Thanks to one of our more regular assistant filmers Henri (also known as VH) – we were able to have a little private filming session at the popular Lumiparkki in Helsinki. Luckily we were also blessed with awesome weather, with the sun shining all day – and I had the perfect opportunity to test out my new Olympus E-M5 camera. As you can see, it takes some great photos.

We’re filming a short sequel to our quite popular “Vote For PCP – SFO 2014″ clip, in an effort to boost voting further in PictureControl’s favour for the SFO filming contest. Yes, we really, really want to go to Tahko in april.

If you want to help PictureControl Productions as well as our humble video production company here in Helsinki, please do go and vote for our video here: sfotahko.fi/risingstar

March 5th 2014

We’ve been busy in Helsinki for the past few weeks. This week a lot of time has been taken up by numerous hours of research into new equipment, mostly looking at MFT cameras. Does the future see us owning a GH4 for shooting 4K, I don’t know.

We’ve also been filming a lot with PictureControl Productions, in Talma. We made this video to help PictureControl make their way to the Snowboarding Finnish Open – where they will compete against the best video production teams in Finnish snowboarding. Check out the video:

Vote for PCP here: http://www.sfotahko.fi/risingstar/


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