15th September 2014 – adidas Helsinki Jump

We finally got the go ahead to release the adidas Helsinki Jump video that we shot in August, with marketing agency Superson and adidas:

We’ve been spending the last week or so looking at new equipment purchases, the smaller starting from a new camera cage, and then, as you do, gradually shifting towards investing an additional camera. Now we love our Canon system with the 5d mark iii, but we’ve been looking at a second camera being from another camp: which means either getting a Panasonic GH4, or a Sony a7s.

Now both cameras have their advantages and disadvantages, most notably sensor size, GH4 having internal 4K, the a7s’ low light performance, etc. We’d probably be jumping towards the GH4 immediately, however it’s small sensor size and the difficulty in adapting our Canon lenses, and other non-MFT lenses causes skepticism. We’ll try to keep you updated on what we’re going through with our camera ‘issues,’ for now we’re sticking to analyzing Philip Bloom’s reviews of the cameras, and trying to figure out what kind of budget would be necessary in adding a camera to our kit.

27th August 2014 – Reebok’s Sisu Bootcamp

It’s been almost two weeks since the adidas Helsinki Jump, and time has been flying fast.axl smithWe finished the edits on the final Helsinki Jump video last week, and took the last weekend off and traveled around Finland; one of the highlights of the trip was getting to play around with some drone cams in Oulu. Our vacation dreams were however interrupted yesterday, when we received a call from Superson: another gig it was.

Flying back to Helsinki last evening was both tiring and exciting, as even though the wake up call would be set at 7:30, we knew that we’d be having one of the coolest shoots possible in the morning: we were shooting on the famous Sisu icebreaker!
Finnish army cadet
We were called to shoot Reebok and Intersport’s Sisu Bootcamp that was made to celebrate the launch of a new line of Les Mills products by Reebok. The launch was celebrated with a bootcamp for some of our favourite Finnish bloggers and media personalities, such as Tuija Pehkonen, Julia Thuren, Aamukahvilla-Henriikka, Lotta Heikkeri – Pumpui, Nina Enroth, Aino Salonen, Dori Salutskij, Eeva Kolu, Laura Haimila, and Maria Lieto.

They were accompanied by cadets from the Finnish national army, and dressed up to the part in matching military jackets, and of course in Reebok’s new Les Mills gear.

Tuija Pehkonen Sisubootcamp Reeboks

19th August 2014 – adidas Helsinki Jump was a blast!

We’ve finished going over tons of footage from the adidas Helsinki Jump, and now we’re deep into the editing phase.

The event was awesome as usual, however this year adidas and Superson put their brains together to come up with something new: a ball spinning contest between the public and basketball star Petteri Koponen, winner taking a Lumia 930 and all the glory! On top of this, everyone spent the whole day dunking for prizes, the most coveted being the adidas D Rose signature shoe.

Here’s a guy practically jumping over a Helsinki Seagulls basketball player to get to some shoes!

Guy dunking for prize - adidas Helsinki Jump
The event was a really cool way to get people to interact with adidas on a more personal level: basketball fans and enthusiasts all participated in the event, some taking home prizes, others just watching people jump incredibly high and talking to professional basketball players such as Petteri Koponen and Hanno Möttölä. It was an event, but it was also an experience.

14th August 2014 – adidas Helsinki Jump coming up

We’ve been waiting to put this on the blog for a couple weeks now. As you probably remember, we had one of our busiest weekends in june, when we were asked by Superson to shoot the Helsinki Half Marathon and the Samba Carnaval for adidas. Now we released the video for the HHM a while ago, so here’s our video for the adidas Samba Carnaval:

The event was a really special way to celebrate the (then) upcoming World Cup in Brazil, with a big Samba Carnaval at the centre of Helsinki. What made it even better was the way Superson and adidas got the HJK Junior team to participate in the Carnaval with some of their young players, forming their own “float” of youngsters doing freestyle football tricks, led by the awesome Alexander Wessberg.
Alexander Wessberg  adidas Samba Carnaval 2014
Don’t forget to join us at the adidas Helsinki Jump this Saturday at Kauppakeskus Kamppi in Helsinki, for a chance to hang out with the Helsinki Seagulls, and compete in the adidas Jump contest to win some new gear!

6th August 2014: adidas Helsinki Jump

We just finished putting together the teaser for adidas Helsinki Jump, with Superson and adidas.

If you like basketball or adidas, or just want to try and get yourself a nice new pair of shoes, come and check out the Helsinki Jump at Kamppi, on Saturday the 16th of August. As usual, we’ll be there to capture the event!

28th July 2014

Over a month ago Helsinki based marketing genius Superson asked us to film the Helsinki Half Marathon for adidas. It was a high-energy and high-fun event, and here’s what we made of it:

This had to be one of the funnest events we’ve filmed so far: we followed the runners through over 20km on bicycle, extending our arms out to take “dolly” shots of the runners every now and then.
adidas marathon running
One of the highlights of the marathon had to be this guy, running and carrying a kettlebell for the whole half marathon, we even managed to get a picture of him with it crossing the finish line!

FIFA World Cup Final: 13th July 2014

Today is a very big day for everyone out there that loves football: the FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

As we worked on a video production for the release of the adidas‬ ‪‎Brazuca‬ with Superson and adidas, we’d like to share this quick intro clip from the video, featuring the now famous Brazuca matchball, and freestyle footballer Alexander Wessberg.

Countdown begins: 9 hours to kickoff!

What’s your prediction?


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