18th December 2014 – Shooting Vilma P. for Lindex

A while back our friends at Polhem PR Finland asked us if we’d like to work with them to shoot and produce a video for Lindex. We said yes. We were even more excited when we found out we’d be working with Finnish model and blogger Vilma P.

Vilma P blogger for Lindex
We finally had the shoot yesterday morning, and as our location we used the old shipyard docks in Helsinki. It was originally supposed to rain all day, and most of use went to sleep dreading the following days weather. Luckily, we learnt once again to never trust meteorologists (obviously don’t know what they’re on about), and about one hour before we started shooting, the clouds parted, and the sky was blue.
Cranes at Lindex shoot at the docks
As you can see, we used our trusted Canon 5D during the shoot, however different than usual we put a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens on it. You also won’t see it in the pictures, but the main camera for moving shots and most of the footage was our newest family member, the Panasonic Lumix GH4, attached to it a Lumix 12-35mm f/2.8.
blogger Vilma P for Lindex close up
We really enjoyed the shoot yesterday, (thanks Polhem PR and Lindex!), however weren’t really sure what to expect as it was our first time shooting 1080p with 65fps on the GH4. As we started logging and editing the footage we we’re more than happy, not only was the performance of the GH4 exceptional, but the way the clothes looked, and all the movements and expressions  our model Vilma made were perfectly translated and captured.

Thanks once again for everyone involved in the project, and for the rest of you, stay tuned for the video!

16th December 2014 – 4K Testing our GH4 at Lago Maggiore

We spent a weekend at Lago Maggiore a couple weeks back, and as we’d just got our new Panasonic Lumix GH4, decided that the beautiful lake would be the perfect place to test the camera’s 4K capabilities.
Lago Maggiore 4K GH4

We were staying in Campina, a small village with a breathtaking view over the lake, and even though it was gloomy and foggy for the most part, you could see mountains stretching all around the lake. We also spent a day traveling to the islands of the lake, and brought our GH4 along and made a short video of the Isola dei Pescatori, or “Fisherman’s Island” in English. It was a really awesome experience seeing the islands and seeing all the fishing boats and equipment of the locals, however it was also incredibly peaceful, as few people are around in the off season.

The video was shot with the GH4 in Cinema 4K mode, completely hand-held with only the Olympus 17mm f/1.8 as we were trying to be as compact as possible. Edited on Final Cut and downscaled to 1080p.

1st December 2014 – Weekend in Innsbruck

We had a little break from work over the weekend, so we decided to head to Innsbruck for the mountains. Luckily enough MOP was also playing a gig on Friday, so we went to check it out and shot some photos.
MOP in Innsbruck

Sunday we spent snowboarding in Stubai, filming for a short video we’re making with PictureControl Productions. The weather was great (mostly), and we had a lot of fun.

Stubai snowboarding waterfall

26th November 2014 – adidas day in Helsinki

Last weekend was a busy one: we flew to Finland for the Reebok CrossFit training, however as soon as that was done, adidas asked us to come by the adidas day at Intersport and shoot the event.Adidas Day Final - adidas DJ

The event was pretty cool, with adidas runners helping people check some adidas running shoes for the winter, and in the end also going on an hour long run with anyone who wanted to join.

For us the coolest part of the day was the presence of HJK footballer and adidas Originals ambassador and recording artist Nikolai Alho. Firstly, it was cool because he plays football in our local team HJK, and secondly, because we’d last met him around 10 years ago, when we were in the same high-school; we never knew he’d turn out to be one of Finland’s most promising footballers, and we’re proud of him.
Nikolai Alho
Here’s a picture of the brave people who showed up to run with adidas Heimo in the freezing Helsinki temperatures:

Adidas Day Final - Ryhmäkuva juoksijoista

Once again working with Reebok and adidas was a pleasure, and we’re looking forward to more projects with them, especially as adidas’ awesome events roll up on us in 2015!

20th November 2014 – Shooting Crossfit with Reebok

We say this a lot, but today’s location was one of the coolest we’ve ever worked on. Long story short: Reebok invited us to shoot training at CrossFit Central Helsinki – when we got there, we realized that not only does crossfit training make you into a champion, but the industrial/ bunker/ Rocky IV-like atmostphere helps too.
shooting crossfit for Reebok

We’d like to thank Reebok for another amazing shoot, and Ben and Hanna for creating CrossFit Central Helsinki, and having everyone over.

22nd October 2014 – A Birthday Film

As you may remember, we took a little trip to Monaco to celebrate our birthday. We also decided to shoot a short birthday film to celebrate our first year of business:

12th October 2014 – Happy Birthday to us!

Yes you read right, it’s already been one year since we started Havu Media.

video production helsinki birthday monaco
We spent the weekend in Monaco, and decided it would be a good idea to shoot a video for our first birthday, the concept was simple enough, and we ended up walking all around the city with a tiny cake and a candle. The shot seen above was probably our favourite of the day, and kind of summarized this whole year for us: a lot of very colourful things happening in a short period of time.

This past year was fantastic for us, and we’d like to thank all our friends and all our clients, and everyone who supported us. Whether it was through letting us borrow some of your gear, or through coming and working on projects with us, we appreciate it.

We’ll be posting our birthday video later this week, and we’re also putting together a showreel from the past year, so we can get all nostalgic and also show off our best work from the year.


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